About AgriVault

Our Mission

“To serve God and mankind by bettering our customers lives. We will accomplish this mission by providing timely and reliable technology products and services, delivered through the use of Precision Ag equipment and practices, that will help ensure our clients’ endeavors are more efficient, accurate and profitable. We will do this while seeking to improve the lives of our employees, and those within our communities, while maintaining a responsible profit.”

Agronomic Information Technologies

...or, Ag Info Tech is a multifaceted agricultural distribution company specializing in farm technology and management – including documentation, economics, & equipment. It first engaged VivioSoft, LLC to provide their diverse organization with an entirely new and interactive website and an agriculturally focused Customer Relations/Management System (CMS/CRM). VivioSoft and Ag Info Tech (AIT) produced a completely unique system named AgriVault.com. By implementing an advanced website design, coupled with a Content Management System (CMS), the results took the form of a complete game-changing, technological solution for AIT in this highly competitive business sector. Additionally, the new solutions created several new products and services by which the company now additionally prospers.

AgriVault became a full-featured, web based software application. It was developed specifically to incubate and assist Precision Ag Dealer ventures to be more productive, by streamlining, normally daunting, everyday tasks. The AgriVault software with its highly intuitive & customizable dashboard empowers Precision Ag Dealers from all sectors to login and immediately evaluate overall productivity at a glance. It has grown under AIT's founders vision and now stands alone as a Software-as-a-Service in a complex field.

AgriVault wasn't started by a large business...

with a huge budget that has no idea what or how your Precision Ag Dealer business operates. We understand your obstacles because AgriVault was built by a startup Ag Business like yours!

Tim Norris, CEO of Ag Info Tech decided that building a Customer Relation and Management System was vital to his business success. So he teamed with a local software development company, VivioSoft to develop a system that not only would help his company but extend that same functionality to other Ag Dealers like yours.

AgriVault has been proven as a successful sales and management tool for our business and we continue to make sure that the functions and options we introduce are going to useful to your business.