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We call it 'Infectious Impatience'


Opportunity not knocking? Build a door

“If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.” – Olin Miller

All companies want to improve employee productivity, but how often do they examine their own management practices as a means of attaining it? Studies consistently show that a disturbingly high number of non-management employees are disengaged, not working at full productive capacity. AgriVault can help you make the steps to improve productivity by putting employees in a far more productive environment and mindset. Here are some practical ways your business can become more productive with AgriVault:

Seek Help!

Everybody needs help and should never take on daunting tasks alone. Two of the biggest barriers for getting help is trust and introversion.
In order to get help from others, you need to trust your processes and colleagues in helping your business achieve its goals. Make sure to give your people all of the resources that they need, such as process and document management, in order to reach the best deliverable.

Start Now!

Fear, hesitancy, and self-doubt diminish with action. The rate with which technology is changing our industry can be daunting. Yet not as daunting as the scramble to catch up if you fall behind. We will keep you ahead, never behind.

Schedule the Work

Plan the work and work the plan. Our calendar features enable your business and its people do just that! They can plan their most important tasks during the time of day when they are at their peak, with the tools that enable them to concentrate more on what’s important and less on how quickly they are going. Spend 20% of the day on your most important activities, and you’ll produce 80% of your results.

Take tiny steps

Most long-range projects are never started because the overall endeavor seems daunting. When we take on the entire project at one time, we overwhelm ourselves. Take baby steps that you know you’re able to complete. AgriVault is compartmentalized, so you can implement one application at a time, mastering each before taking the next step. The more realistic your expectations are, the better. As you gain momentum, you’ll be able to allow AgriVault’s excitement and energy to take over, and you will be completely engaged with your increased productivity.

An as-you-go system for the sales process.

As information and activities arrive and occur in your process, we track them every step of the way, preventing redundancy and missed steps and opportunities.

Improve employee satisfaction.

In some cases, without the right tools for the job, an employee might become burned out and decide to move on. To help ensure that employees are productive and satisfied, your business needs the tools to ensure they can make the most of their talent and careers. This, of course, benefits you, your employees, AND your customers in the long run.

Have Regular Reviews

We give you the tools to see the performance of the individuals who work for your company, as well as the performance of the company as a whole. Assess what has been accomplished and what you might have done more efficiently. Foster healthy internal competition in regards to what you have to get accomplished tomorrow.